Endocrine Issues


Uncontrolled diabetes is associated with significant long term mortality and morbidity. It is the second cause of blindness in America, and when accompanied with high blood pressure, it is the leading cause of heart disease and kidney failure. Unfortunately most of the patients don’t have any symptoms or just have minimal symptoms that’s not bad enough to catch their attention. That’s why the annual blood test for screening diabetes, is the only reliable way of diagnosing it.Patients with diabetes have higher chance of heart attacks and strokes. They are at the danger of losing their kidney function and going on dialysis eventually. Diabetes affects the nerve endings and causing a condition called neuropathy. So the patient won’t feel pain with sores and infections in their feet. Combination of decreasing blood supply to the extremities due to diabetes and also lack of sensation of the small infections, can cause severe infections. Those infections can be really hard to treat and sometimes may cause amputation of the affected limbs.As you see diabetes is more than high blood sugar and monitoring and controlling all aspects of the disease is very critical.
After guiding you to change your lifestyle and eating habits, we’ll treat the condition and prevent the complication from happening.

Thyroid disease

Unlike the general belief that thyroid problems are associated with a lot of systemic symptoms, most of the time it has been diagnosed during the screening of asymptomatic person.
Overactive and under-active thyroid, over time can cause serious health issues. Untreated an undiagnosed thyroid diseases can cause heart issues, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and a lot of other conditions that can cause morbidity and mortality in affected individuals.We screen our patients annually for thyroid conditions and make sure this vital hormone is at the right levels in the body.