Skin Disorders

Skin cancer:

increase in prevalence of skin cancers, make the skin check for cancer or precancerous lesions more critical than ever. Besides of diagnose and treating these condition, we will guide you how to prevent it from happening and how to screen yourself on a regular base.


Treatment of the acne usually starts from topical prescription medication. The next step is oral antibiotics and the last resort is using Accutane. Considering serious side effects of Accutane, we replace that with the IPL treatment of skin. IPL has minimal side effect, quick respond and unlike Accutane it can be used as many times as needed in a lifetime.


We use liquid Nitrogen for treatment of wart, including plantar and Genital wart.

Precancerous skin lesion treatment:

We use liquid nitrogen to freeze individual lesion and medical treatment for the patients with wide spread lesions

Eczema and Dermatitis


Mole Removal

Skin Biopsy

Laceration Repair

Skin Cancer Biopsy and Excision